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Side Hustle Pro spotlights bold black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business. Join Nicaila Matthews, Senior Manager of Social Marketing at NPR by day and Chief Side Hustler by night, for your weekly installment of Side Hustle Pro and learn actionable strategies to start small and get going–wherever and whoever you are. Side Hustle Pro features interviews with inspiring black women entrepreneurs like Venture Capitalist Stefanie Thomas, named a “Voice of Black Women VCs” by Fast Company, Award-winning financial educator and best-selling author Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, and entrepreneur, speaker and goal ­achievement specialist Courtney Sanders, the Founder of Think and Grow Chick, LLC.
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Jun 15, 2017

Today in the guest chair, we have a woman who has literally redefined the fashion industry. Her name is Monif Clarke, and she is the Founder of Monif C.

Monif C. is a fashion forward, plus-size designer brand specializing in clothing and swimsuits for women sizes 14 - 24.  Monif had no prior design experience, but grew frustrated with the lack of trendy plus size clothing and  n 2005, teamed up with her mother to bring Monif C to life.

Monif’s story is the perfect example of not letting one person’s no discourage you from continuing on your journey. In fact, Monif received a lot of No’s on the way to success, often being told that her designs were too sexy and that “plus-size women preferred not show off their bodies." But Monif refused to take No for an answer. Today, Monif C. is sold not only on, but in,, as well as specialty boutiques throughout the US, London, Canada, and Australia just to name a few.

In September 2017, Monif C. will celebrate 12 years serving plus size women.

On today’s episode, Monif gets into:

  • How she funded the business in the early days, before she was profitable
  • That time she wouldn’t let Jill Scott have Monif C clothing for free
  • Why press doesn’t automatically equal sales
  • The investments she makes in her business
  • Plus how she’s continuing to grow her brand


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